Martindale Family Dentistry offer a precision approach with Digital dental x-rays and advanced radiography

As your “dental home” and an extended member of your family, at Martindale Family Dentistry, we take your and your loved one’s health and safety as seriously as we take our own relatives, and friends’ wellbeing. For this reason, Dr. Mark Martindale has invested in the latest and greatest diagnostic tools. Tools such as digital dental x-rays (radiography) support a pleasant, safe, and comfortable experience at our practice in Griffin, Georgia, as well as precision treatment outcomes.

Digital X-rays

X-rays, also known as radiography, have conventionally used film to render images of tooth structure, gingival (gum) tissue, and associated oral structures. However, the systems we use are designed to produce images with specialized sensors and plates (rather than film). The process of creating digital images requires less radiation than conventional, film-based radiography. They are safe, even for our pediatric patients. They can also reveal, hidden, tooth decay, such as damage below dental crowns and other restorations. Such conditions might otherwise lurk undetected and progress to the point where they threaten the structural integrity of your tooth. 

Panoramic X-rays

As the term “panorama” suggests, panoramic x-rays render sweeping images of your entire oral cavity (mouth). We can view, manipulate, and share one seamless image of your mouth. Panoramic radiography allows Dr. Martindale to better “see” all the teeth, the upper and lower jaws, and the sinuses, providing comprehensive and valuable insights into the state of these interconnected tissues. In this manner, he can quickly and accurately identify conditions such as problems with how wisdom teeth are developing. This approach to diagnostics informs prompt, decisive, and effective care of impacted wisdom teeth and a range of other conditions from cysts to tumors.

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