The power of precision fit when Martindale Family Dentistry partners with dentures patients

As your oral health partners at Martindale Family Dentistry in Griffin, Georgia, we work with you on an ongoing basis to assure utmost satisfaction with dentures. Initially, our precision and relationship-based approach support your denture’s proper fit, which is integral to the comfort, functionality, and overall experience that you enjoy from your new teeth.

The value of an exceptional fit

As a form of tooth replacement, conventional dentures must conform well to the contours of your mouth. Several of the complaints that have traditionally been associated with dentures have to do with a poor fit. If dentures are loose, they tend to slide around in your mouth. This situation often leads to embarrassing slip-ups when speaking, problems chewing food, limitations to what you can eat, and it can also give rise to irritation, sores, and even damage to tissues.

Dr. Mark Martindale has invested in a range of sophisticated diagnostics used to precisely and accurately craft treatment plans. He also partners with the region’s leading dental labs and specialists. Together, these attributes provide peace of mind that your dentures will not only fit well and, in turn, be also both comfortable and highly functional. They will also look great, like natural teeth.

The value of a healthy partnership

One of the biggest barriers to the excellent comfort, aesthetics, and function that you enjoyed early on with your dentures comes from changes to oral tissues over time. Over time, the bone and overlying tissues under your denture shrinks or resorbs. The surface of the denture, however, can’t adapt and conform to these changes. The resulting ill-fitting denture can lead to many of the complaints discussed earlier, from discomfort to problems with speech and eating. During routine appointments at our practice, Dr. Martindale will check that your denture is holding up well. Slight adjustments or repairs may be made. Additionally, over the life of your denture, we may recommend services such as relining or rebasing the denture to restore the healthy, comfortable fit of your prosthetic teeth and gum tissue.  

We also work with patients on an ongoing basis to ensure that they transition smoothly and adjust quickly to wearing and cleaning their dentures.

Start the process today! Call us at 770-637-5876. During your dentures consultation, we can also discuss exciting modern options such as implant-retained dentures.