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May 08

Getting whiter teeth is one of the most common goals among patients seeking cosmetic dental solutions in Griffin, Georgia. ZOOM at-home teeth whitening is one whitening solution offered by Dr. Mark Martindale at Martindale Family Dentistry. But what sets Zoom at-home whitening treatments apart from those you can easily buy over the counter from your […]

Dec 14

A bright smile is an indicator to others that your smile is both attractive and healthy. For some patients, a white smile comes easily, while other patients might struggle with staining and discoloration from habits such as smoking or enjoying foods and beverages that tend to create yellowing on the natural tooth enamel.  When patients […]

Jun 15

Everybody wants a beautiful white smile. While our teeth can yellow and dim as time passes, the good news is that there is no shortage of whitening options available to the average consumer. While countless options are available to you, seeing your local dentist for a whitening treatment is likely your safest option. Patients in […]

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