All-White Dental Fillings for Conservative, cosmetically-appealing cavity treatment

Dentistry has made tremendous advancements. Many of those innovations are showcased here at Martindale Family Dentistry in Griffin, Georgia. All-white dental fillings, for instance, are an alternative to silver-hued fillings made from an amalgam (combination) of metals.

Sink your teeth into metal-free fillings

White fillings are primarily made from non-metal composite resin. A dental composite is a combination of resin (plastic) and glass particles. It is the same type of material used in dental bonding or direct veneers, which correct cosmetic imperfections such as minor chips and fractures. Composite can be perfectly color-matched to blend in with the surrounding natural tooth structure and the rest of the teeth in your smile.  

As a filling material, the composite which is used in this manner represents a dental restoration. This procedure restores the look and function of a decayed tooth, resolves discomfort and other symptoms of decay, and preserves oral health.

The process

As with other fillings, composite or white fillings are applied to the prepared tooth structure to fill in the cavity or hole in the tooth caused by progressive decay.

However, applying a white filling differs from the technique used to apply other fillings (such as amalgams). The conservative technique used to apply your filling involves layering the composite in its pliable form after decayed tissue has been removed from the natural tooth structure. As each layer is added, the material is hardened with a specialized instrument. That promotes a strong bond between the tooth and composite.

As a conservative treatment, composite fillings preserve as much of the natural, healthy tooth structure as possible. Thus, promoting the most natural appearance, feel, and function for the patient. These teeth are also built to last. As long as you care for them regularly at home and visit us routinely for check-ups, your treated tooth should remain healthy.

To find out more about what to expect before, during, and after cavities treatment with all-white dental fillings, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Martindale. Call Martindale Family Dentistry, at Griffin, GA, at 770-637-5876.